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An Indictment for Bagel Shop

September 14, 2011

In Manhattan the district attorney indicted the proprietor of H&H Bagels on tax fraud charges.  R. M. Morgenthau runs the District Attorney office and claims the owner Mr. Toro, didn’t pay a large sum of payroll tax and also withheld payments for unemployment insurance tax. 

The owner, Helmer Toro, 59, failed to pay nearly $370,000 in payroll withholdings to state and federal tax authorities, Mr. Morgenthau said. Mr. Toro also shortchanged the authorities on paying unemployment insurance tax, according to Mr.

Morgenthau’s office alleges that Toro set up a dummy corporation for six years in a row to cover his tracks.  Normally the length of a company’s existence is directly tied the UE rate, so this helped him have lighter bills for unemployment insurance tax.  

The charges include labor law violations, falsifying records and grand larceny.  The maximum penalty can be upwards of a $1 million in fines and 15 years in jail.

H&H has and will maintain operating as Toro pleaded guilty and he and his lawyer, Robert Anello, declined to comment.

About the District Attorney

Robert M. Morgenthau ran for Governor of New York in 1962 and lost to Nelson Rockefeller.  He has a good track record of pursuing securities fraud cases.  He has been the District Attorney of New York since 1977, running unopposed 7 times.

Notable assistants under Morgenthau include John F. Kennedy Jr., Andrew Cuomo, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer and disgraced ex-Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, a former talk show host on CNN for the show, In the Arena, which was cancelled after be continually 4th in that time slot versus the other cable news outfits.  Fox News in the same time slot had over 7x’s the viewership.

About H&H Bagel

H&H Bagel was founded in 1972 by Helmer Toro and has grown to be the largest bagel manufacturing in the entire world.  From it’s original location at Broadway and 80th Street, H& Bagels has expanded to a plant in Hell’s Kitchen, where Bagels are produced for shipping throughout the country and around the world.  H&H Bagels produces millions of bagels each year.

H&H Bagels has served numerous famous people including: former President Bill Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Cher, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller, Tom Hanks, Barbara Streisand, Mike Myers, Anne Landers, James Woods, John Madden, Rick Moranis, Michael J. Fox, Roy Schneider and Tony Randall.  It has also appeared on Seinfeld, SNL, LA Law, The Office and Entourage.


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